One Big Oopsie

If you don’t know what the scene at Christ University is right now, google it. Media coverage and student commentaries are ev-uh-ry-where. The whole controversy that started from a students’ protest at the varsity’s newest campus exploded into a full-blown debate on social and news media. The University is facing major backlash by the very students sitting in its classes.
I’ll tell you where CU went wrong. The University has set a reputation for itself in its ability to churn out professional, seemingly corporate-ready freshers. During all the years they spent ‘grooming’ their students, they forgot to show them how to express dissent, how to make disagreements meaningful. The major sentiment has shifted quickly from overtly autocratic management to patiala trousers vs. leggings, when the real cause of concern should be the erosion of individuality at Christ University. If they ask you to take off the day-old stubble, sweetie just take the damn thing off. If they’re giving students detention for not attending a religious retreat, THAT is a problem. Imposing rules based on subjective beliefs, especially in terms of spirituality, sexual orientation, body image and the likes is just not going to sit well with a student community that is more aware than they ever were.
Christ University is not the Satan of education. The University is moving towards open conversations albeit at a snail’s pace. To say that students leave the university with no take-away would be a mistake. However, if you’re a Christite, chances are that you learned  the syllabus more from your classmates than your professors. Opportunities are in plenty for the seizing. Unfortunately, questions raised on the quality of these opportunities fall on deaf ears. Totalitarianism has no place in today’s education.
And so, just like last night’s bad butter chicken, criticisms of Christ University have come out in heaves and spurts. A small wave of support from some students and most professors has shown, a beacon of light for the stonily silent Christ University. But by hiding behind the cover of career opportunities or emphasising how the Uni helps pimp students up for corporates, we’re running away from the key issue at hand. It’s like Rahul Gandhi’s one-to-one with the Goswami; What about the harassment? Christ has groomed me professionally. What about the fining system? I am groomed well for my professional career. Why were Humanities students at the BG campus subjected to irrelevant rules? Christ has prepared me for life. Stop. Avoiding. The Elephant. In the room.
The University’s silence has been typical- wait for the hype to die, and resume operations. Hopefully, this will change, if not today, someday. I spent three years at the Univeristy, and I cherish those three years for all the good things that happened, and what I learnt from the not-so-good that happened. I love my alma mater, but it is important to remember not to let loyalty cloud judgment. There is a fundamental reason we get a college education. That reason is entirely defeated if education is served on a repressive platform.

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  1. Love what you’ve expressed here.


    1. Sharon Lewis says:

      Thanks GreyWolf!


    2. Sharon Lewis says:

      Thanks! Think you would relate?


      1. Indeed, I’ve seen both sides of that place.


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