Treasures from Bombay Underground

My most recent expedition in Bombay took me to a small garage bookhouse and library in one of Bandra’s cozy lanes. ‘Bombay Underground’ is not your typical bookstore and nor are the people that run it- “our efforts are dedicated to celebrating the undocumented / the underground / the lost / the forgotten”. Along with a good stock of titles, they have quite a fair collection of zines as well, some of which I picked up. One of them is a compilation of  images titled “Signs that say what you want to say and not what others want you to say”. I’d say this compilation is priceless, but instead, I’m picking out a few of my favorites so that you can see for yourself.










I love that we see not just the signs but the people behind them. Everyday people like you and me.

If you’re in Bombay, I would definitely recommend a visit to Bombay Underground; it will prompt you to search for more. If not, you can discover more about them-

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