From My Journal, for a Rainy Day.

Life can be quite overwhelming. And sometimes, you may find yourself dealing with it all alone. I wrote this for myself, and for those times, but there’s something I find quite soothing about how honest I was to myself when I wrote it. I hope you will find it that way too.

For the rainy days:

  1. You are a whole set of talents and abilities. None of these need to be measured against anything- life is not a competition if you don’t want it to be.
  2. Your intuition is as good as hell. Advice is good but sometimes, you  might just know better.
  3. Ego isn’t always bad. Some people even appreciate it.
  4. Go out more, fresh air can heal things faster than time.
  5. You will find love that stays.
  6. Don’t forget your dreams, and don’t forget where you started from.
  7. Don’t forget to feel, even when the feeling hurts.
  8. Read books that are light on the mind. (Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive is an excellent choice.)
  9. Be kind. Kindness is underrated.
  10. Keep faith. It’ll take you through when nothing else does.

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