Navigating The Waters of A Nascent Career

In the first half an hour of my waking up, I managed to lock myself out of my house, take a taxi down the wrong lane and nearly trip on the road. Plus, I was late for the 7th time this month. 7th. Forget the Universe, at this point I think I’m all I need to conspire against myself.

Facepalm moments notwithstanding, I’ve had quite a lot to learn in the past few months of stable employment. The learning curve has been steep and the sleepless nights have led to some good moments. I definitely had help along the way, learning from people around me, but there’s so much I’ve learnt for myself as well.

So, as new meat in the earning category, how do you navigate the waters of professional etiquette and career paths?

  1. Prioritise. Your time, your tasks, your health and your relationships. Adulthood is a juggling act, you need make sure you’re in control of your… balls. Remember that me-time is as important as career growth.
  2. Never make the same mistake twice. It’s totally okay if you screwed up that email or missed the deadline or said something wrong to the boss- learn from it, laugh about it and get over it, but don’t forget the lesson.
  3. Ask for help. When you can’t crack something, and I’m sure there’ll be times like these, reach out to networks outside of just your workplace. It’s a great way to build relationships and get a new perspective to something.
  4. Don’t turn down people who need your help because don’t be a dick.
  5. Most importantly- stay calm. I remember meeting an entrepreneur at his event, where the day was progressing at the pace of mayhem. I noticed that he seemed especially cheerful and I asked him why. He said- the only way I’m going to get through the day is by smiling through it. This, my friend, is a philosophy for life.

So go out there and rule the world in all your small-big ways. Don’t be afraid of unchartered waters, don’t be concerned about falling face down, and don’t go even think about thinking about what people will say. That feeling when you go to bed maxed out but content because you know you worked towards something wholeheartedly- that is what you must aim for. (Also college placements are shit.)

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