Listen To Me

Do hear the quiet breathing of my heart

in the backdrop of the pouring rain,

as it takes in an air filled with emotion?

My sighs get entangled in it.

Moments pass by softly, ticking away

as the well of emotion grows

and the only tell-tale sign

is the blink of my eye- quick, did you catch it?

It could have been our secret.


I’m tired of hopping cities and hopping people,

of not finding rest in the choices I made.

If only I could know what I’m running towards.

Or am I running away?



will you let me hold your hand

when you want it held?

We could find peace,

the both of us.

And solitude.

And comfort.

And passing love.

Even for just a moment,

it’ll be enough.


Lips brush, fingers touch

and my heart skips a beat.

We could live on this,

you and I,

him and her,

and all our chance encounters.

Norms are meant to broken,

aren’t they?

Then why does my heart feel heavy.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rumana kassim says:

    You’re awesome


    1. Sharon Lewis says:

      Thanks so much for your support Rumana!


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