Kerala: A Mini Instagram Series

To the far south of India, you’ll find the coconutty state of Kerala, where nature thrives and so do workers’ unions. From conversations on education to visiting farms and eating at charming diners, my visit took me from city to forest and across vast green lands. I tried to document as less of my visit as I could; somethings are meant only for our eyes. 

Day 1/4- The world seems to tilt towards greener and more beautiful things as malayali chatter accompanies the chug-chug of the train wheels. The air smells of welcoming earth and coconut oil- why would that surprise me? My heartbeat slightly picks pace as I realise that I’m on an adventure I’ve been dreaming of. #KeralaDiaries #ridingsolo

All aboard the Chennai Express. Tranquil waters early in the morning.


Day 2/4- Mornings are sunshine-drenched horizons. The ride to #Wayanad is fantastically green. Fancy some pazhampuri and chaiya? They make the best friends with the chill- sweet warmth for the nip in the air. Every breath feels like a mouthful of life, and the hills watch cheerily as a red car whizzes by. A curious head in a beanie sticks out the window to be amazed. #KeralaDiaries #themountainsarecalling #ridingsolo
Shout-out to my friend @rahul_rmenon and his family for the warmest welcome I could’ve received. Check out the picture of his dad’s #cactus plants, a miniscule part of a vast farm that’s filled with dancing trees and beaming plants- one that he much loves.



Day 3/4- How do I begin? The best time to make friends is between 5 and 10 am. Let’s go back to the city for cafés, biryani and heritage neatly tucked in a corner. Stop over! We’ll fly some kites and break road rules after. I went to Kerala to be away from people but I think I found some of the best ones. Counting on @neenee_mayms and @nbdy_famous to push my cycle when the zombie apocalypse arrives. #Kochi #FortKochi #JewTown#KeralaDiaries #ridingsolo



Day 4/4- Fin. Let’s just say that the river was meant to be jumped into. #Ezhattamugam #Athirapally #Thrissur #KeralaDiaries #ridingsolo


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