The skies are velvet wisps of cloud

Mirroring the swell of emotion inside me

Swirly, intense,



Who is this person in my body

I can’t recognise?

Your resilience is gone

And the full force of you too.


It coloured your light so vividly.


Strange man in your living room

With a voice that calls

But you’ve heard those voices one too many times to respond

In the way that you want to.


Strange friends in your life that you can’t remember

Much like you can’t remember yourself

Their warmth and welcoming want your acceptance

But the warmth wore out and the welcome got dusty.


Run your fingers across my chest,

Go back to trace the lines it drew in the layers that longed for your touch.


Loneliness is not good for the heart.


If only you existed.


Strange man in my living room.

Life took a swing at me while I held it,

And the strange man sleeps.

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  1. It’s always a delight seeing a new post from you, noticing a shift to the melancholic side of late, it’s a great teacher if nothing else.

    Liked by 1 person

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