Heroes, Just For One Day

Over the past few months I’ve been cutting out all toxicity and inauthenticity from my life and although I haven’t entirely succeeded (sometimes I fail to the point of seeming hypocritical), this process has allowed me the regrettable observation that most of our heroes today live by some incredible double standards. I remember watching the star-studded and highly appropriated Gully Boy, feeling supremely disappointed that yet another B-flick with a promising theme has pandered to the box office dream. Eventually I made my peace with wokeist excuses- it’s decent for a B-flick, how else can underground art break into mainstream view,  it’s good for the scene- and sure, it all holds up. But from an ethical perspective…

The digital landscape is overcome by this pandering. A popular Instagrammer recently won a Cosmo award for feminism. This same Instagrammer has not been involved in any ground work per se, endorses the very industries that she describes as “designed to make you feel like you’re not enough”, also sells Adobe Lightroom preset filters. While I stand with her *in thought*, are our standards today so low, that all you need to do is write long captions laced with popular isms to be hailed a hero?

Our political parties are not exempt from this wave. While I am no political genius, some vague thought (almost like common sense) unsettles me when I see political leaders represented as god-like figures, demolishers of corruption, protectors of the Indian identity and other labels. We have failed so much in our intellectual pursuits, that political discussions are approached with the sole intention of butchering logic and preserving agendas.

My personal hero is Jesus- mostly because today’s Jesus is almost entirely an idea, and he also lived so long ago that perhaps any evidence contrary to my idea of him is debatable and hence I will never be disappointed. My students prefer Varun Dhawan because he’s hot, good looking and dances well. Somewhere between these two extremes is an entire generation of people braying to the sound of just about anybody who can be heard above the other.

Image credits: @sirjoancornella

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