Going Bananas

RAHUL BOSE is all over Twitter. In a scathing video posted on Twitter, the Bollywood star criticised the JW Marriot Chandigarh for charging him a whopping 442INR, GST inclusive, for an order of two bananas. Indian tweeple went berserk of course, with #RahulBoseMoment quickly becoming a trend.

In 442INR, you can purchase over 8 dozen bananas to feed over 20 Rahul Boses. If you’re feeling fancy, you can order two regular meals from McDonald’s for that amount. 442INR is the equivalent of 44 vada pavs (22, if you’re pairing it with chai). Charging the actor 442INR for a pair of bananas is preposterous to say the least, and they didn’t even peel them for him.

That the issue gained significance because a big name was involved is symptomatic of Indian media’s priorities. It brings to the fore, however, a persisting trend of 5-star hotels charging exorbitant amounts for their food, which, minus the decorations, honestly tends not to be worth the hole in your pocket. It is also indicative of the status symbol that 5-stars desire their food to be. You’re not paying only for the food, you’re paying to be identified as someone who can pay for the it. Of course, Bose didn’t need the food to do that for him.

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