Sex Positivity: Getting Down On The Details

Wrote on sex for a group blog. Love it when varsities, especially Indian, create room for students to experiment.


Yep, we’re going to have the talk.

Students at the imaginary Moordale high school need someone to talk to. With their hormones going berserk and their bodies changing along with their relationship towards it, these kids have all things sex running through their minds, and sometimes, the thoughts are scary. Luckily, they have Otis, a socially awkward student at Moordale, who hasn’t lucked out in the sex department yet, but happens to know all about it on account of his mother who is a sex therapist.

This is the premise of the Netflix show Sex Education, where Otis and his partner Maeve run underground sex therapy sessions for students of Moordale besieged by their sexuality. If Moordale was a character, contemporary Indian society would fit right into it. With awkward biology classes, and sex ed barely going past the ‘good touch bad touch’ conversation, Indian society is handicapped in the…

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